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Intersection of two straight lines

So, to draw a line, you only need two points. One way to do this is to find their intersections . An intersection is the
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How to find intersection with X axis"

To find the y-intercept, we substitute 0 for x in the equation, because we know that every point on the y-axis has a value of 0 in the x-coordinate.

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Intersection point calculator with axes

Find intersections of a function with the axes. Mathepower calculates the intersection with the y-axis and x-axis by

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Finding intersections by substitution

Parallel lines (those with the same slope, such as y=2+1 and y=2x-3) do not intersect (no intersection). Example 1. Let be the lines. We explain how

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Review of intersections with axes (ordinate and

To find the intersection points or cut points of a graph or function with the x and y axes, we simply equal y or x to zero.

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