Equation from 2 points

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We can use a formula to find the equation of the line through two points or we can also use the slope point form.

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Equation of the Line Through Two Points

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The slope of a linear equation is always the same, no matter what pair of points you use to find it. Since you have two points, you can use them to

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Equation of the line through two points (formula)

If two points on a line have the same X-coordinate, it means that the slope of the line is infinite since effectively the denominator of the formula gives
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Writing the Equation of a Line

Important information in the DESCRIPTION ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡When you are asked to determine the equation of the line passing through two given points, 
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Equation of the Line passing through two given points

By geometry it is said that we can perfectly find the equation, if we possess two of its points. Some authors refer to this equation as

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