Squared equation

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Quadratic formula

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Equations of second degree or quadratic equations

You can solve a quadratic equation by completing the square, rewriting part of the equation as a perfect square trinomial.

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The Quadratic Formula

The form ax2 + bx + c = 0 is called the standard form of a quadratic equation. Before solving a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula, it is vital to be sure that the equation has this form. If not, we could use the wrong values of a, b, or c and the formula will give incorrect solutions.
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Quadratic formula

Second degree equations are those in which the unknown appears at least once raised to the square (x2). For example: 3x2 - 3x = x - 1.
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Completing the square is a method used to solve an equation. form of the equation so that the left-hand side is a perfect square trinomial .

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